Felting is painting with wool.

Working with beautiful colors and textures is always a new challenge. Felting is a connection between fibers to form a solid. Felt is also a connection between head, heart and hands. Each piece is made with attention.

The technique
Felt is made by wool with soapy water, heat and friction. Wool can absorb a lot of water and is thereby elastic and stretches. If you keep moving the wool in the wet state, the scales on the fiber surface stabbing each other and creates felt. The most important elements in the wet felting are therefore warm water, soap and movement.

Commissioned work
For the interior design, you can choose from different swatches. But we can also come to other or new solutions in concert. Felt is a little unpredictable and always has surprises. So the best results are achieved for every interior both functionally and aesthetically are a nice addition.

Natural materials
Almost all products are made from natural materials.
 For some projects, the wool and silk fibers are dyed with natural dyes.

Some examples include for-felt cloths and swatches

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