Felt can have a nice transparent structure. To reveal this at its best is the placement of LED lighting inside wool. Wool has a warm and soft look, dampens sound en is therefore very suited for home interiors.

A soft and malleable lamp is available in two versions: a reclining and a hanging light. The sphere is handfelted and remains soft enabling the lamp to be shaped in a variety of forms. Each lamp is therefore unique and different. The hanging version has a felted shade which rests against the ceiling.

The LED technology is provided by Rob Alferink of PicusLed in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (www.picusled.com).
rated wattage: 7 W; voltage: 220-230 V via electric plug; power source: dimmable Meanwell driver
Fabrics: merinowool and silk fibres
Choice of various colours. Size: about 40 cm in diameter. Price: 300 euros.

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