Esther Valk


Esther Valk: “My hands are always busy.

As a designer I am a Jack-of-all-trades (or should I say: a Jenny-of all-trades). After I graduated at the Eindhoven Mode Academie en Industriële Vormgeving (Eindhoven Fashion Academy and Industrial Design Academy) I started employing activities as a graphic designer.

The love for fabric and its processing has always remained and thus some years ago my passion for felting was born. It all-in-one combines design, painting and sculpturing. Every workpiece is unique and seeing it come to life in one’s own hands is absolutely marvellous. Fascination for structure, texture, colour and experiment are paramount. This becomes apparent in all of my work.

Besides textiles, which I apply in a wide variety of shapes and techniques, I have been manufacturing leather handbags since 2011 after having taking courses in leather-working techniques in Boxtel, The Netherlands. This proves to be a very rewarding addition to the skills I obtained at the Eindhoven Fashion Academy and Design Academy. Of course I will keep experimenting with new materials and combining these with leather.”

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