Esther Valk

Esther Valk: “My hands are always busy. As a designer I am a Jack-of-all-trades (or should I say: a Jenny-of all-trades). After I graduated at the Eindhoven Mode Academie en Industriële Vormgeving (Eindhoven Fashion Academy and Industrial Design Academy) I


Felt can have a nice transparent structure. To reveal this at its best is the placement of LED lighting inside wool. Wool has a warm and soft look, dampens sound en is therefore very suited for home interiors. A soft

Claudia Isabel Alban Andrioli

My name is Claudia Isabel Alban Andrioli, originally from Colombia but I’m living in Italy now for about 15 years. After my studies in fine arts (mainly on painting and graphic techniques) at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Turin, I’ve

Exhibition Beek en Donk

Beek en Donk Exhibition Unfortunately the Beek en Donk Exhibition has come to an end. I was happy to see how many showed an interest in my work. A great thanks to those who showed their appreciation and complimented me

New collections

In addition to the Bloom Collections I manufactured new handbags from leather combined with textile fabrics. Different models and prototypes will follow soon. All handbags are produced in limited numbers. You can have me design and/or manufacture a special handbag

Previous collections

Since 2011 I have been designing and manufacturing leather handbags. Previously I took a two-year course in Boxtel, The Netherlands. This resulted in a collection of handbags with a variety of functionalities and appearances. Each handbag model can be ordered

Bloom handbag collection

For fashion designer Alexandra Dohmen is designed a number of handbags to enhance her new fashion collection which was shown at the Cologne Fashion Days in Cologne, Germany on 4, 5 and 6 December 2016. Fashion photographer Salvador Pozo photographed

window decorations

Each individual wool canvas felted on a natural fabric like cotton or silk is unique. Functionally suspended against a window or used as a room divider it renders atmosphere and colour to an interior.


Besides lamps and utility objects like bowls, stools and cushions abstract and figurative objects prove to be welcome additions to any room in the house. Each object is unique and customized to your wishes.


Tapestries both two and three dimensional consisting of natural fabrics like felt and silk.


Inspired by nature and sheepskins a rug can be felted. The application of the wool on the ground layer, the pre-felting, the actual felting and the finalizing process entirely takes place by hand using traditional and artisanal methods.


Felting is painting with wool.